About me:
Hello, my name is Shane and I have been making handmade knives since 2014. I enjoy making everything from larger Bowie knives, to hunting knives, to kitchen cutlery. Premium and rare wood handles are my favorite handle materials to work with.

All of my work is done in house. Here is a simple list of what I do:

  • I design my own patterns
  • Forge and/or grind the steel from bars into knife blanks
  • I do my own heat treating with my Evenheat kiln and industrial knife quenchants
  • Handle shaping
  • Leather sheath work


 photo DSC_0128_zpsef01d4eb.jpg

 photo DSC_0129_zps30465d78.jpg

Warranty Info:

I offer a lifetime common sense warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty is good for as long as I am making knives.

This warranty does not cover knives that were subject to misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations of the knife, and does not cover normal wear or tear.

If you have any issues with the knife please feel free to contact me.

Please visit my new etsy shop as well:



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