Kamisori Straight Razor

This is a hand forged Kamisori style straight razor. The blade was forged from a bar of W1 round bar. It features a double hollow ground blade, and satin belt finish. The edge was ground very thin before final sharpening. It had been sharpened at 17 dps.

This is my first hollow ground blade, done freehand. I think it turned out quite well.


OAL: 5-1/2″
Blade length: 2″
Thickness: 0.18″
Target hardness: 62-63 hrc

$75 USD shipped to Canada and USA.

 photo IMG_4098_zpsyturqsgo.jpg

 photo IMG_4094_zpsrr8hpdcu.jpg

 photo IMG_4090_zpsuweqejw2.jpg

 photo IMG_4095_zpsxknrnnu6.jpg

 photo IMG_4096_zps3oobp5rm.jpg


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