Ko-tanto; Japanese take-down style tanto

Here is a Japanese take-down style Ko-tanto that I just completed. I completed this project after studying several WIP’s and researching the construction method of Japanese blades.

For the tsuka and saya I used Santos Rosewood. Both were both split down the middle, then I carved out the voids with a chisel in order to fit the tang and blade, and glued them back together.

The habaki was formed from an old piece of copper pipe. Although it isn’t the traditional shape, it serves the same purpose.

The tsuba was made from a piece of mild steel, and was treated with gun blue. The seppa were formed from a piece of copper pipe, as well as a piece of stainless steel. The mekugi was made from a piece of walnut.

The ko-tanto may be taken apart by gently tapping the mekugi out with a dowel and mallet. It is not meant to be taken apart constantly but may be done to conduct cleaning and oiling of the blade.


OAL: 10″ (excluding the saya)
Edge length: 5″
Height: 3/4″
Steel: Forged W1 with a hamon

$400 USD shipped TYD in Conus and Canada. I will also ship to other areas, just email or PM me for a shipping quote. First to say I’ll take it, followed by a PM or email gets it. Posted on multiple sites, so I will go by time stamp. I take paypal, EMT, cash, or cheque.

Thanks for looking. Any comments or questions are welcomed.


I offer a lifetime common sense warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. If you have any issues with the knife feel free to contact me and we will get them sorted out.

 photo IMG_3891_zpszf8ri6qj.jpg

 photo IMG_3892_zpsjunlyjdj.jpg

 photo IMG_3893_zpsacdqoyhs.jpg

 photo IMG_3896_zpsdhrjfnop.jpg

 photo IMG_3902_zpsk2esmpux.jpg


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