File knife (SOLD)

041 040 042


Pocket buddy file knife

I took a piece of an old Nicholson file that I had, and shaped it into this little file knife. I treated it as if it was 1095. First I spheroidized the blade, then I ground it to shape, ground the bevels, ground down the sharp points of the file, and rounded the spine. Then I heated the blade to non magnetic, and held for approx 5 minutes. I did an interrupted quench in brine, then tempered twice at 425 degrees. After sharpening I did the brass rod test. The edge flexed, but did not bend or chip. I cut a bunch of 2×4 wood with it, and it held the edge very well.

This is surprisingly comfortable in the hand due to the rounded spine. When in the leather slip, you tend to forget it’s even in your pocket. The file this was made from was old, so there is some pitting in the grooves of the file.


Old Nicholson file heat treated as 1095
Approx 5/32” thick
5 1/4” OAL
2 1/4” blade
Flat ground
Three finger grip handle
Comes with a rustic leather pocket slip

SOLD $45 USD shipped to Canada and CONUS. Other areas please PM me for a shipping quote.


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